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Valentine’s Day: Melt your loved one’s heart without breaking the bank!

Valentine’s Day: Melt your loved one’s heart without breaking the bank!

It’s nearly that time of year again when we spend a whole day celebrating the joys of love – Valentine’s Day! But with a meal, chocolates and expensive flowers, the cost of treating your partner can all add up.

So here are our top tips for a romantic Valentine’s Day that will make melt your loved one’s heart without breaking the bank…

The romantic meal for two

  1. Go out for lunch – Evening meals on Valentine’s Day can be very expensive and difficult to book, so why not go out for lunch instead? Restaurants such as Côte Brasserie and Loch Fyne have affordable set lunch menus on offer, whilst website Vouchercodes.co.uk has some great discount codes. Just make sure (in advance) that deals are still applicable on Valentine’s Day!
  2. Cook a homemade meal – Alternatively, why not stay in and have a homemade meal? You can set the mood with some candles and incense and if you’re no Jamie Oliver then don’t despair! BBC Good Food has some yummy recipes for two and lots of love-inspired baking ideas.

    The supermarkets usually have some great meal for two offers around Valentine’s Day like this one from Marks and Spencer’s, which includes a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. If that appeals, why not check out a list of the best supermarket Valentine’s meal deals.

  3. Build a picnic fort – For the more outdoorsy, why not wrap up warm and go for a romantic picnic if the weather is nice? If February is a bit too cold for you, bring the outdoors in by building a bedroom fort. Grab all your cushions, hang up some sheets and string up those fairy lights to make a cosy romantic den… your inner child will sing!  

A heartfelt gift

  1. Give a handmade card – For the cynics out there, Valentine’s Day is a fake holiday invented by card companies, but why not play them at their own game and shun Clinton’s all together? A homemade card is a fraction of the cost and far more romantic than anything bought off of the shelf. Here’s some inspiration for you! If you’re not a fan of craft or drawing you can always make a collage of photos or Photoshop silly pictures on the computer. While you’re at it…
  1. Make a gift – A personal handmade gift is a great way to show you care. Making a photo album or filling an inexpensive frame can be a great way to relive old memories. Alternatively, why not create a mixtape (or Spotify playlist) of your partner’s favourite songs? If you’re particularly creative you could even have a go at writing your own love song or poem which is sure to warm their heart.
  2. Fill a jar of promises – They say that actions speak louder than words so why not make your loved one a jar of favours that they can redeem at any time? You could offer to do their chores for a week, give them a relaxing massage, or even agree to watch their favourite movie on repeat without any complaints. Write your promises on little heart-shaped pieces of paper and decorate the jar with a red ribbon for a romantic touch on a gift that’ll keep giving long past the 14th.
  3. Memories video
    You could create a video of your memories together, using your best photos and videos, sit back and relax with a bottle of your favourite wine. You can use free online slideshow sites such as Animoto, Picovico and Smilebox.

The romantic date

  1. Go for a romantic walk – A walk in the park is free and a great excuse to hold hands and cuddle up in the cold. Alternatively, if you’re more of a city type, why not wonder round your local metropolis soaking in all the free museums and attractions that are up for grabs?
  2. Spend the night stargazing – If it’s a clear night what could be more romantic than snuggling up under a blanket outside and gazing up at the night sky? Wow your partner with your astronomical knowledge by downloading a free app such as Sky Map which tells you exactly what constellations you’re looking at.
  3. Take them to Paris… OK not actually. But if you can’t afford to take your sweetheart to France for Valentine’s Day, why not recreate the city of love in your living room? Decorate with mini Eiffel towers, grab some French wine and baked camembert, and put on some romantic accordion music to bring out the French café vibe. You could then watch a cute French rom com such as Amélie or even become French artists for the day with some fun ‘Draw Your Partner’ challenges.

With these ideas you’re sure to have an affordable Valentine’s Day that’s all the more memorable for being personalised and heartfelt.

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