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Supporting someone who is lonely at Christmas

Don’t forget that some people may prefer to spend Christmas on their own. You can make an offer for them to join you, but only if you genuinely mean it so if you’d rather not invite someone over then don’t make excuses for not doing so. Keep any offer you make to them casual – you don’t want to put anyone under pressure.

  1. If you’re having a Christmas party, think about inviting people in your neighbourhood or others who you know are going to be on their own – the more the merrier!

  2. You could invite someone out for a walk or a trip to the local carol service

  3. It can be tough to spend Christmas Day surrounded by someone else’s family all opening presents, so consider inviting someone for part of the day, like Christmas lunch, or for a drink in the evening

  4. You could drop a gift round to someone’s house part-way through the day or just pop in for a cuppa

If you know an older person who is lonely, you could offer to help them find local community events over Christmas. Community Christmas has listings of events for older people who are lonely,  across the UK.


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