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Looking for a new hobby? Here’s our hobbies hit list

Hobbies and interests are not only a great way to meet new people and extend our social circle, but they can also give us a sense of belonging, something to look forward to outside of work and help us switch off from our stresses.

So it’s time to ask yourself, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Or, what have you enjoyed doing in the past, say, as a child? Is there anything you have always wanted to try?

If you need a little extra inspiration, we’ve created an A-Z of hobbies and interests especially with men in mind… from abseiling to fishing and gardening to kart racing, there’s something for everyone!

A – abseiling, archery, acting
B – basketball, breakdancing, badminton, boxing
C – climbing, cycling, chess, cookery, canicross, classic car restoration
D – diving, darts, digital art, dancing, dog walking
E – electric guitar, esports
F – fishing, football, fencing, film club
G – gardening, golf, gymnastics
H – hiking, horse riding, hockey
I – ice hockey, ice skating
J – judo, jiu jitsu, juggling
K – kart racing, karate, kayaking, kitesurfing
L – laser tag, longboarding, lacrosse, languages, leathercrafting
M – motocross, metal detecting, martial arts, model building
N – novel writing, numismatics
O – off-roading, orienteering, origami
P – photography, painting, pottery, pilates, pool, paintball
Q – quiz nights, quidditch (yep, it’s a real sport now!)
R – rowing, rock climbing, rugby, reading club, running
S – singing, sketching, squash, surfing, snooker
T – taekwondo, table tennis, tai chi, tennis
U – ultimate frisbee, underwater sports
V – volleyball, violin, volunteering
W – walking, windsurfing, wakeboarding, weightlifting, woodwork, writing
X – Xtreme sports, Xare, Xing Yi Quan, XC (cross country) running / skiing / mountain biking
Y – yoga, yachting
Z – zorbing, ziplining, zumba

We hope this A-Z helps inspire you! But if you’d like to find out more about what types of hobbies fit best with your personality, check out this great quiz on The Telegraph’s website.

We would suggest picking more than one hobby to try and then look into the relevant clubs, societies or classes in your local area. For example, an activity like writing could be a pretty solo activity – but if you join a class or a group then that makes it a great opportunity to meet new people!

If you’d like to take on a new challenge for charity, we have the perfect thing for you – our Bring It On 4 Ben challenge events initiative – find out more.

We hope you enjoy trying out some new hobbies!



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