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Dealing with Anxiety at Christmas


Frustrated Santa representing anxiety at Christmas.

It’s meant to be a time where everyone relaxes and enjoys themselves, but unlike with work or school, we know anxiety doesn’t take time off during the festive season. Presents, parties, family engagements, dinner on the day, hosting and planning the New Year celebrations can all take their toll on those with anxiety. But fear not… here are some top tips on how to get through Christmas. 

Pace yourself 

Make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the situation. plan things in advance, keep things manageable and only take on small tasks that can be completed rather than rushing to do everything at once. And if needed, remember it is OK to stop and give yourself a break to regroup. 

Alcohol in moderation 

The festive season brings with it a lot of traditions, including having a few tipples of alcohol with family and friends. But remember drinking alcohol can lower your mood and cause other effects such as poor sleep. Drinking in moderation should result in your mood remaining more positive and you will not add to your anxiety.

Make time for you

Christmas and the whole festive period is meant to be enjoyable, and most importantly an end-of-year break from the routine of everyday life. Give yourself time to relax over the Christmas period – don’t be afraid to take time out to go for a walk, listen to music, have a nap or do anything else that helps you relax.

Get enough sleep

Feeling sleepy or not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling low, so try to keep to a regular pattern (as much as possible) over the Christmas period. Again, try not to add to your anxiety through not keeping things to a comfortable, familiar routine

Talk to someone

If you’re worried about Christmas or feel overwhelmed or under pressure, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Have a chat with someone you trust and tell them how you feel. Talking about any anxious feelings should take a lot of the power out of them.


If you find yourself feeling stressed, under pressure or experiencing anxiety around the festive period or at any other time of year, we are here to support you. Our trained advisors and online chat can help point you towards a more positive experience during the festive season and is both free and confidential.

You can learn more and also find tips, advice and tools on the mental health and wellbeing section of the website.


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