What we offer companies

What we offer companies

  • Free, confidential practical help, advice and support services for all your employees, their partners, parents and children
  • Free, co-created workplace programmes in partnership with your HR and OH departments to support and promote employee wellbeing leading to a more productive, motivated and committed workforce
  • Free acess to a fully qualified and highly skilled team of advisors trained to deliver solutions and positive outcomes for your employees and your business as a whole

How we help

We recognise that your employees are your most valuable asset. Through research we know that the biggest factors impacting the UK workforce are their financial, physical, mental and social wellbeing and the automotive industry is no exception.

Our support services are linked to all these key areas and these four pillars of support have been created specifically and solely for companies in our industry.

We deliver practical help, advice and support for all employees in your company and their families facing any of these challenges. Helping them to get back on track and back to work faster.

We also provide workplace engagement programmes to raise awareness of key issues around these four main pillars of health and wellbeing. These sessions aim to help prevent problems occurring in the first place and facilitate early intervention while demonstrating commitment to employee wellbeing, which improves job satisfaction and enhances company loyalty.

Ben is proud to be the automotive industry charity, a not for profit organisation adding value and support to your company.


Free & confidential services for employees

We provide support by phone, online and in person. Our help is free and completely confidential for automotive employees their partner, parent or child, for life. Find out more about how we support our automotive colleagues.

Working in partnership with Ben

Ben is far more than just a charity partner for whom companies fundraise. We are an active partner, directly supporting the automotive industry, your company and employees. Your financial contributions and those of your employees are spent on developing, improving and increasing our services for you.