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5 cheap ways to spruce up your pancakes

A stack of pancakes

By Jenny Ross, Digital & Content Marketing Specialist

It’s Pancake Day tomorrow – the exciting time of year when you can indulge in one of the nation’s favourite desserts. But, if you’re sick of lemon and sugar or bored of maple syrup, how about trying these tasty alternatives?

  1. Oriental twist

Finely slice spring onion, cucumber and lettuce, then cook up some chicken or mushrooms in soy sauce. If you like your food with an extra kick, you can throw in some chilli powder!

If you fancy being really adventurous, why not try making okonomiyaki? This Japanese pancake is easy to make and adapt, and you can find a fantastic recipe on the BBC Good Food website.

  1. Berry tasty

Throw over a handful of berries or pop some in a blender with a dollop of honey to make your own sauce. If fresh berries are pricey at your local shop, see if they have any frozen as these can work out cheaper.

  1. Mamma mia!

Make up your favourite pasta sauce and use it to make savoury pancakes with an Italian twist! You could even wrap cooked vegetables in pancakes, place them in an oven dish, pour over a homemade tomato sauce and bake in the oven for quarter of an hour. Add some grated cheese or lumps of mozzarella for a bit of extra indulgence.

  1. Nutty idea

Peanuts, flaked almonds or pecans can add a satisfying crunch to your pancakes, and they’re healthy too! You can also throw in some dried fruit or a chopped banana and add a drizzle of honey.

  1. Pig out

Fry up some bacon and wrap in your pancakes along with a dollop of cream cheese and some salad.

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