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Bullying in the workplace

Aggressive manager pointing

Sadly, nearly a third of people in the UK have been bullied at work (Trades Union Congress, 2015). Bullying can be characterised as: offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour. Bullying in the workplace can leave you feeling anxious at the

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Bad management and workplace bullying – its impact on mental health

Stressed businesswoman sat at a desk

By Leila Moss, Communications & Campaigns Manager at Ben I know first-hand how miserable a person’s life can be if they experience bad management or bullying in the workplace. You spend a lot of time at work so if you’re

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Thoughts on what makes a good leader

Manager and colleague in a garage

By Zara Ross, Chief Executive at Ben Leadership and management are not the same thing, but being a strong manager goes some way to being an effective leader. We will each have our own style of management, but it’s important

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What is domestic abuse and how can someone facing it get help?

Sad couple sitting on a sofa

By Yvonne Hignell, Care & Support Services Director Domestic abuse can affect anyone, regardless of gender or background, and it can have a big impact on their mental health, self-confidence and physical wellbeing. It can be overlooked or denied, especially

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Handy conversation starters – the art of a good conversation

Two people have a conversation in a beer garden

By Jenny Williams, Digital and Content Marketing Specialist We’ve all been there – you go to chat to someone new or get half-way through a nerve-wracking first date and your mind goes blank. Cue awkward silence and a possible confidence

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Beating loneliness amongst men

Male friends sat by the sea

A staggering 1 in 8 men say they have no friends to discuss serious topics with (such as work, money worries or mental health), according to a YouGov survey for Movember. Men’s chances of having no friends almost treble between

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